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Lessons from the ledge

You can't control the environment; only the way you react to it. Alison Levine makes a compelling case that the principles that lead to success in the world of extreme adventure also apply to everyday settings--in business and in life. Levine draws authentic parallels between the mountains and the uncontrollable environments that people deal with every day -- at work, at home, and in their communities. Set against the backdrop of her remarkable expeditions, Levine's presentations provide a framework to help people scale whatever big peaks they aspire to climb (be they literal or figurative) by offering practical, humorous, and often unorthodox advice about how to take risks, improve teamwork and deal with changing environments. Her breathtaking visuals and tales of survival will educate, entertain and inspire your audience to reach new heights.

Having served as the team captain of the first American Women's Everest Expedition, Levine combines her knowledge of mountaineering with twenty years of business experience in order to deliver a customized, relevant message that focuses on the parallels between staying alive on the world's most dangerous peaks and succeeding in a fast-paced business world. Her breathtaking visuals will take you on a journey to some of the world's most extreme environments; where determination is every bit as important as skill when it comes to survival...and willpower is the most essential piece of equipment.

Complacency will kill you

The Buzz

Here's what people are saying about Alison

Arguably the most powerful keynote of the event, Alison spoke of ambition, failure, never giving up, conquering the world’s highest peak (Everest) and how going backward can also mean progress. Humorous and deeply moving at the same time.

— M. Greener, Marketo

Your message was unanimously well received, the highest rated session across the entire meeting.

— Z. Rhoades, Genentech

I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on your talk - the Dunkin' team really enjoyed meeting with you and many consider you one of the best speakers they have seen. The way you connected to the brand was appreciated by all.

— F. Schlecht, Dunkin Brands

We’re still hearing buzz about your session. You got more rave reviews than any other speaker at the event.

— M. Case, Coldwell Banker

You were fantastic! So inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, and REAL. Everyone loved you. A young colleague turned to me after you finished speaking and said, “She was the best speaker I have ever heard in my life.” You made a lasting impact on her, and to all of us in that room.

— E. Fitzsimons, San Diego Chamber of Commerce

The buzz following your presentation was through the roof. You were a highlight of our entire event... You’ve got a lot of new fans.

— J. Kennedy, Xerox, Corp

Her comments aligned well with the challenges that we are facing and I think her comments will help this organization shake off any doubt and cynicism and work through challenges with more optimism and belief in the future.

— M. Paul, Boston Scientific Corporation

Human. Humorous. Motivational. Relevant.

— J. Zeitlan, Goldman Sachs

Our bankers loved you!!!!! I have never received so many emails after one of our conferences where people keep saying they couldn’t stop thinking about our awesome keynote!

— P. Ricco, FL Bankers Assoc.

Thank you so much for bringing your incredible energy and message to Toyota. I cannot tell how many people I have heard from today that said this was one of their most memorable days at Toyota.

— K. Cerda, Toyota

Your ability to take your amazing personal triumphs and challenges and apply them to our work obstacles was spot on and really resonated with the team. We’ve had a number of speakers over the year, but you really made important, relevant ties unlike most!

— H. Johnson, Novartis

I have never had such overwhelming responses to a speaker. You’re currently ranking as our top speaker for the entire event in our post event survey of attendees. And the President of our Board told me post conference “I’ve heard many speakers before, including our former president Obama, and she was one of the best I ever heard.” So high praise for you, and a heartfelt thank you.

— E. Manzolillo, Nat'l Spine and Pain Centers

People will look at a lot of the aspects of our job in a different light as a result of your talk. You definitely hit the mark. There was tremendous buzz afterward.

— K. McAtamney, Goldman Sachs

We certainly appreciated having Alison speak with our leadership team! Her experience gives us a lot to think about and the parallels were uncanny. People are still raving.

— J. Gilberti, Intel

Alison was far and away the best keynote speaker we have had -- ever!

— G. Tabor, Associated Building Materials Distributors

It was outstanding to have you present at our conference! More people raved about your performance than any other speaker! Very inspiring and relevant to our firm."

— C. Mahaffey, Northwestern Mutual

You did an outstanding job at our annual North American Sales meeting. Your messages and delivery were spot on as you drew clear analogies to relate perspectives to business - or really any type of organization or team that is faced with challenges along the path to a goal. The audience feedback has been extremely favorable.

— T. Gilligan, Butler Manufacturing

The group had glowing remarks about your presentation. You made them think...and even after two long days...people were remembering very specific items from your talk. Getting things to stick is always difficult in meetings like this...but you broke through!

— K. Raybon, Thompson Reuters

I expect they will be talking about you for years. You were fabulous and your message was exactly what we needed to hear.

— L. Greenwood, Wells Fargo

I want to thank you for the tremendous job that you did. In fact, the majority of conversations that I had throughout the rest of the meeting surrounded how relevant and compelling you were as a keynote speaker. You truly stole the show...

— R. Johnson, Lincoln Financial Group

You blew everyone away at the Summit! Thank YOU for your courageous story and incredible method of delivery. You’re definitely an inspiration to all of us.

— R. Elwell, GE

We can't thank you enough for your amazing and inspiring presentation! The message you shared was so timely for our association as we face change, challenges and transformation. I've used several of your points throughout the meeting in addresses to attendees.een) your message will stay with us as we move upward. Many thanks!

— J. Rethman, American Dental Hygienists Assoc.