“As you so wonderfully illustrated, there are many corollaries between climbing and our daily striving to excel, to execute, to be leaders, producers and to conduct ourselves with integrity and a positive attitude.”

— C. O’Conner, JP Morgan

Every climb requires a unique approach, whether it’s up the face of Everest, the corporate ladder or into a position of market leadership. By drawing parallels between staying alive in the mountains and thriving in a fast-paced business world, Alison covers the topics of leadership development, team dynamics, overcoming odds, tackling fear, taking responsible risks and dealing with changing environments.

Having served as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition, Levine combines her knowledge of mountaineering with 20 years of business experience in order to deliver a customized, relevant message that focuses on the parallels between staying alive on the world’s most dangerous peaks and succeeding in a fast-paced business world. Her breathtaking visuals will take you on a journey to Mt. Everest, the North and South Poles, and up the slopes of mountains from every continent on the planet; where determination is every bit as important as skill when it comes to survival… and willpower is the most essential piece of equipment.

Levine offers lessons for business and for life though a presentation that is one part inspiration, one part motivation and one part humor. It is particularly well-suited for:

  • Company-wide meetings
  • Client/Investor conferences
  • Sales meetings
  • Incentive trip meetings
  • Product launches
  • New-hire orientation
  • Marketing campaign kick-off meetings
  • Trade show or association meetings

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“You left a lasting impression on me about taking full advantage of life, inside and outside of the business world.”

— B. Gallagher, Coleman Technologies