Alison Joins Soledad O’Brien, Sigourney Weaver & Bette Midler at Smart Talk

Alison Levine joins Soledad O’Brien, Sigourney Weaver, Bette Midler and other fascinating women as part of the 2011 Smart Talk Speaker Series. For more infomation on the event or to purchase tickets:

 Held in theatrical venues throughout the United States, SmartTalk has featured such remarkable women as Julie Andrews, Jane Goodall, Lady Margaret Thatcher and Maya Angelou, just to name a few. More often than not, the speaker reveals a private side not often seen in public, creating an emotional connection with the audience. SmartTalk shares the stories of incredible women who follow their own paths – undeterred by conventional thinking – to spectacular results empowering all those around her.

Bob Benia, the creator and founder of SmartTalk, has been bringing women together to experience the power of the spoken word since 1991. In the past several years, SmartTalk has grown into one of the most powerful and entertaining live events in the nation. The core mission of SmartTalk stems from the idea that women are inspired by the heart and voice of other remarkable women. In fact, we became more than just a lecture series but a series of connected conversations. These thoughts, stories and pieces of advice shared face to face create invaluable connected conversations that truly renew, enrich and uplift the spirit.

Empowering, engaging and uplifting, the SmartTalk five-night subscription series (1 weeknight over 5 months) offers you the opportunity to personally connect with not only the speakers and their authentic stories, but also with other like-minded individuals who attend. SmartTalk sets the stage for the valuable life connections so cherished by all.

Collectively, it is our mission to leave our audiences of women thinking of, participating in and experiencing the most connected conversations of their lives. And to feel the transformation that real, SmartTalk is all about.